[Selling] IBM Model M 122-key Heavily Modded

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[Selling] IBM Model M 122-key Heavily Modded

Post by pabile » Sun Jun 04, 2017 1:04 pm

This buckling spring keyboard has been bolt modded, ANSI modded, USB converted and with 'newish' springs for extra crispy clicky feeling and sound. Not to mention that this unit is programmable with the help of Soarer's Converter.

This unit is in perfect working condition. Yellow stains and small nicks on the case. Replacement caps were install to fill up missing ones. This is the very first Model M I modified couple of years ago.

PN 1390238 SN 1021365
Manufacturing date: 16SEP86

I am selling this for P 6,000.00 inclusive of shipping nationwide (within PH). Payments are accepted through PayPal, GCash or bank transfer.

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M122-Oct 29 2016.jpg
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