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Post by pabile » Mon May 29, 2017 11:12 pm

The lack of dedicated keys for arrow and number pad limits the use of small (60%) keyboards in office use. However, giving keys dual role, i.e. spacebar & Caps Lock also functions as Fn key, helps remove such keyboards' limitations.

Check out this current layout that I use for almost 6mos now:
SpaceFn-Alps64.jpg (69.44 KiB) Viewed 620 times
To further explain, press-holding spacebar with my thumb gives me arrow keys in "IJKL" that are also surrounded by PAGE_UP, PAGE_DOWN, HOME and END. I find no stress on navigating documents, excel/spreadsheets with this layout. As a Caps Lock gives me layer two (well, technically it's the 3rd layer), i.e. my numpad layer, to access numpad. It took me weeks to get used to this layout but AEK's unconventional homing bar on "K" helped a lot. I can easily input numbers with one hand with very little movement.

This may be my unpopular opinion but I cannot buy new keyboard if it will not accept or be programmed with the layout I posted.

So... before I end my drunk writing, I say you give it a try!

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